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Adoption Application

If you are interested in an adoptable dog at Hope2K9 Rescue that you may have seen through Home2K9’s social media postings, please click through to visit the rescue website and review the FAQ section about adopting a dog. You can download our adoption application through the Hope2K9 contact page.

Owner Surrender Form

To be completed prior to drop-off for dogs being re-homed through Hope2K9 Rescue.

More Kind Words

Gary T.

Under Cameron’s guidance, we ditched Pip’s muzzle, and first started working with a prong collar, eventually moving on to the e-collar.  I barely ever need to give Pip a “reminder” with the e-collar nowadays: For the most part, he now responds beautifully to “heel,” “sit” and “place” voice commands.  The pulling problem is completely gone, and while he still gets a bit anxious around other unfamiliar (and usually undisciplined) dogs, I now have the skills to keep him under control.

Gary T.
Kara D.

Jazzy, my rescued Boxer and I have worked with Cam both individually and together.  Her group classes are well-rounded, informative and filled with lots of takeaway nuggets. The structured walk with clients is a great way to check in and practice walking at a heel with your pup. The Board and Train will provide your dog with lots of structure; will help him/her make better choices; and will give you a clear means of communicating. End result, a partnership with your dog that is rooted in consistency, mutual respect and trust. If you are looking for an awesome dog trainer, look no further than Home2K9!

Kara D.