Home2K9 Virtual Dog Training

If distance is an issue, we offer virtual dog training in the form of phone/Skype consultations. You can talk with Cameron one-on-one about your specific issues at hand and receive step by step instructions for training solutions tailored to your needs. During this time, Cameron will address and assess your situation, and coach you on training tools and strategies to implement with your dog. She will coach you through any unhealthy patterns, dynamics, or personal blocks that may be at the root of why you dog’s behavior is the way it is.

Phone sessions can be great for new puppy raisers, folks wanting specific technique assistance with prong or e collar, and those working to resolve multi-dog issues in the home. Through remote or Skype training sessions we have assisted clients with puppy selection, successful first weeks and months of puppy ownership and raising, behavior modification, identifying which training methods or local programs would be best for specific dogs, and much more.

Virtual Dog Training – Our Phone/Skype Program

An incredible solution to getting the coaching and training support you need, to unleash your dog’s best! If you simply have the support, sound advice, and solid process in place, you can create the results you seek – in the comfort of your own home. It’s work, it’s dedication and commitment, but you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have that.

Our unique and cutting edge program for virtual dog training is a 6 month training designed to get you out of pain, frustration, chaos and confusion, and on to leadership mastery, calm, freedom, and peace of mind. The virtual program is fantastic for puppy owners who need extra support to get their youngster a solid foundation, excellent for dog owners battling aggression or severe anxiety in their dogs as the process of rehabilitation can be more complicated and time consuming. We accept clients into the virtual program with dogs of all breeds, ages, and behavior issues, and we customize our foundation program to your needs.

Virtual Program Benefits:

  • Get monthly support through 12 personalized Skype or phone calls used throughout the program
  • Voxer access to Cameron DAILY for support and problem solving without the hassle of waiting for a weekly class
  • Closed Group Client Facebook Page, where our entire team of trainers is available to help you out, and celebrate your victories
  • Digital content, emails, blogs, videos and more – to allow you to work at your own pace
  • Advice on nutrition, healthcare, and how to create not just a well behaved dog, but a healthy dog too
  • E collar included, $180 value

6 Month Virtual Training Program: $2559*

*Program pricing reflects pay in full discount. A payment plan is available for $533/mo for 6 months, with an additional set up fee of $197